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These Angels are the ones often depicted in various artists' renditions of the Ark of the Covenant, which was a gold-plated wooden chest containing the two tablets bearing the Ten Commandments that Moses received from God.

They have been sculpted exclusively for Mormon Art & Bronze and represent purity, innocence and love.

They are hand finished in beautiful gold leaf.

Available as a set or separately.

Salt Lake Temple Doorknob

Salt Lake Temple Doorknob


This is an exact replica of the doorknob to the Salt Lake City Temple framed in a wooden frame. It features several elements which are symbolic to the early church.

These include a beehive, along with the inscription “Holiness to the Lord.” 

This replica is 17" x 14" made of bronze and comes on a wooden frame. Please contact us for more information.

Temple Stone Plaques

Temple Stone Plaques


Each of these plaques are custom crafted and are one of a kind.  They contain a piece of stone either from the original Nauvoo Temple or the Salt Lake Temple as well as other art items such as marble sunstones or commenorative coins.  

Each one is a treasure.

Prices vary from $35.00 to $75.00  Call or e-mail us for more information.

The Gold Plates

The Gold Plates


These gold plates are a scale model of the original plates as described by Joseph Smith. They measure 8 1/2" X 6" X 4 1/4". They have several plates made of metal that turn, and others are faux. These plates will make an extremely interesting conversation point in your home as well as a wonderful teaching tool.

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Custom Artwork

Create your own family heirloom. We have artists & craftsmen that can create a statue of the likeness of your family members or ancestors. These small busts are the perfect gift for family reunions or awards to honor your legacy. Contact us for more information.

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